Friends of Prince BamBam Society


The Friends of Prince BamBam Society was founded in 2019 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in order to promote literacy, cultural awareness, and understanding of all peoples. The society is dedicated to this mission and is a strong believer in the power that cultural exchange can have. That is why the Friends of Prince BamBam Society regularly hosts readings and donates books in underprivileged communities, schools, children hospitals, and more! Our team of volunteers/interns are passionate about contributing to the Society’s mission, and their time spent volunteering with the Society can lay the path for them to grow into champions of the Society’s mission.


Your donation helps us bring books to children who love to hear about the adventures of BamBam, whether it be at the Mount Sinai Children’s Hospital, the Muss Montessori School, or another institution that can uphold our mission for the next generation.


We Want YOU! If you would like to be a “little anthony” or a “little ines” in your hometown community and read the BamBam books to smaller kids at your library or school or in a bookstore, send an email to: